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Dustin Hoffman has been boasting of his success in getting Barbra Streisand's juices flowing before shooting saucy bits together as a bohemian married couple in the new comedy barbra streisand breasts, Meet the Fockersthe highly lucrative sequel to Meet the Parents. He resorted to straightforward flattery, commending her on the splendour of her boobs. They look great today. Meanwhile, he has been spilling the beans on something she told him on set - that she and her husband of six years, the actor James Brolin, enjoy sex six times a week.

Hoffman, 67, is apparently satisfied with just once. It's a good thing it is Hoffman pulling these tricks, because only a star almost as big as Streisand could get away with it. In fact, almost no one in Hollywood gets even close to the year-old actress and singer for sheer celebrity power. There are the 70 million records she has sold over four decades, the bookcases of trophies, including two Oscars and assorted Grammy, Tony and Emmy awards, and the sheaves of films she has either starred in, produced, directed or all three.

Add to all that her political passion barbra streisand breasts loved Bill Clinton, abhors George Bush - and her well-known diva disposition only photographs showing her left profile may be published and you have the quintessence of a modern entertainment icon. It is no wonder that her almost slapstick role as an ageing sex therapist in the Meet the Fockerswhich broke Christmas holiday records in the United States in spite of a lukewarm critical reception, has attracted so much attention, never mind the indiscretions of Hoffman.

The film, which stars Ben Stiller as the hapless Gaylord Focker, and Robert De Niro as his barbra streisand breasts future father-in-law, is her first celluloid appearance in eight years. Instantly, everyone wondered: are we witnessing an autumnal resurgence of La Streisand?

After all, we also know that Barry Gibb, formerly of the Bee Gees, is right now writing songs for a new Streisand album. Everything seems to point to another decade of intense work for someone who over the years has never hidden her need to achieve. And when a film draws as many fans as Meet the Fockers already has, it is hard to imagine any performer, even one in her 60s, not getting the taste for more of the same. Babs, you can hear them cry from the stalls, is back! That remains to be seen. Even icons change and Streisand herself seems anxious for her fans not to get their hopes up.

The girl who would have done anything in the early s to escape the traumas of her Brooklyn childhood and get her name in lights, the young woman who happily drove her early co-stars and directors into states of virtual nervous breakdown with her argumentative outbursts and inability to show up anywhere on time no wonder she loved Clinton and the one-time siren whose first marriage was to Elliott Gould and who romanced a Canadian former prime minister, Pierre Trudeau, has apparently mellowed.

In the few public appearances she has made promoting the new film, she has made it plain that the limelight has become almost distasteful to her. And certainly too much effort. She would rather be hanging out in her Malibu home with Mr Brolin, painting and gardening and deing her clothes. In a press conference with foreign journalists in Hollywood recently she spoke with more enthusiasm about matching her flowers outside with her fabrics inside than about acting.

And forget about Saturdays - that is the day of the week when James and Barbra don't even get up. Well, they get up, but they don't get dressed. When I was in between relationships, I had to work so that it was almost a sublimation for love. Now I'm happy and contented which is why I've made very few movies.

I'm a homebody. I stay in my home. I'm currently deing a house, which to me is like doing a movie. It has taken me five years already, working on every detail.

Barbra streisand breasts

That drive was spawned in part by the troubles of her early years. When she was just 15 months barbra streisand breasts, she lost her father to complications from epilepsy. He left the family penniless and living in the home of Barbra streisand breasts parents. Seven years later, her mother remarried and had another child, Barbra's stepsister, Roslyn.

Barbra, it seems, resented the presence in her home of the stepfather, Leo Kind, and of Roslyn. Escaping the apartment to sing to herself on the stoop and on landings of the apartment building, she caught a virulent bug - a dream that one day she would run away from it all and become famous. She has described her mother as someone who gave little encouragement to her show business aspirations and, in fact, provided scant parental guidance of any kind. The absence of maternal discipline may have left a mark. I never had rules or regulations and I didn't have to be home at a certain time.

I remember teaching my mother how to smoke when I was The legend is that, aged just 18, the hetrong Streisand won a talent contest at the now-defunct Lion Inn in Greenwich Village and never looked back. It was then that the "a" in her birth name - Barbara - was discarded, almost as a gesture of leaving her family behind. A national tour of small clubs was followed by a recording contract with Columbia Records, each album more successful than the one before.

In an early example of her sometimes wayward demands, Streisand insisted that her programme biography listed her as having been born in Rangoon and raised in Madagascar, for exoticism's sake. The management objected to the bold-faced lie, but eventually let her get away with it. The musical closed within months, but audiences went crazy over Streisand. Indeed, she managed to eclipse the leading man, Elliott Gould. But he didn't seem to mind too much - they fell in love and were married by the spring of Their marriage lasted only untilbut they had one son, Jason Gould, who was later to co-star in one of the films she directed and starred in, The Prince of Tides Two years after her Wholesale romp, Streisand was cast in the wildly successful Funny Girlwhich again saw her winning rapturous reviews.

Even though it was her first film, it won her an Oscar.

Barbra streisand breasts

After that, aged just 27, Streisand won the lead role in the film version of Hello, Dolly! Evidently, the two did not get on. Difficult though she may have been, there was no stopping Streisand's growing fame. Over the following years her film repertoire grew to include the hugely popular What's Up, Doc? By the mids, she had formed her own company and was producing and directing also, beginning with the romantic weepie A Star Is Bornwhich she produced, and, inthe epic Yentl when Streisand was in the director's chair.

And all along, her singing career has never flagged: she has achieved a one album in each of the past four decades. Streisand remains the highest selling female recording artist ever. That partly explains how her fame, in spite of her becoming a virtual recluse over much of the past decade, remains undiminished. In recent years, however, part of what has kept her in the spotlight has been her political views. When conservatives talk disparagingly about liberal bias in Hollywood, one name they surely have in their minds is Streisand's.

Uncompromising in her political tastes, she again emphasised her distaste for the sitting president earlier this month. To me, that's high crimes and misdemeanours, leading people into war unnecessarily. Why doesn't Bush step down? Fans hoping that Meet the Fockers will mark a new run of Streisand films should know that barbra streisand breasts claims not to have enjoyed making the film at all.

Barbra streisand breasts

No, it's not fun. The days I didn't have to be there were fun. As for what Hoffman tells us about her apparently rapacious sex life, Streisand insists she is not quite like the character in the film. There is one scene of a daytime romp with Barbra streisand breasts half naked and smothered in whipped cream. We believe that it doesn't have to die and people can have fun and be free and really enjoy life and sex in our later years.

Family: Was married to the actor Elliott Gould ; one son, Jason, bornalso an actor. Has been married to the actor James Brolin since Career: Started singing in New York nightclubs in the early s. Debut album in won her two Grammys. Inshe starred in Funny Girl on Broadway. Inthe film version won her an Oscar for Best Actress.

Also starred in Hello, Dolly!

Barbra streisand breasts

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Barbra streisand breasts

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