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Great news for all of you lovers of the ever-growing gay farming sim sub-genre. It follows a newcomer to the farming scene who has to tend to his crops as well as his amiable and welcoming strapping neighbors. Games like Stardew Valley have been there, done that. CockVille, however, looks to have more fun and risque take on the genre, being explicitly gay and also having the blend of the visual novel style in the mix. As the gamer, you are a business-savvy newcomer, and your mission is to meet, service, and seduce the hot guys of CockVille.

Stick around as I tell you everything you need to know about the game. As your business and relationships blossom, you will meet new exciting guys in CockVille, unlocking additional sexual encounters as you level up. The mission is pretty straightforward — grow delicious crops and always keep your customers thirsty for more.

You have over products to manage and cockville. It sounds like fun, right? You cultivate your land, grow crops, and raise livestock to sell your products to these cockville horny guys. Here you make your damn move! Hit on hot guys, date them, and fuck them.

All that before, we mention the uncensored interactive gay sex, which is absolutely amazing! Even the caption on the trailer shows how tongue-in-cheek and fun the game will be. Hello neighbor! Ready to meet some attractive guys in CockVille and unlock gay sexual encounters?

Read on. Lo of uncensored sex scenes Like your horny ass will discover, the men at CockVille are absolutely gorgeous in a gay kinda way and are more than eager to meet you. You can explore their stories and have fun cockville them as you unlock more gay sexual encounters. Each of the characters has their own 10 unique scenes that cockville can unlock and feast you lusty eyes on over erotic views that are completely uncensored.


Any adult porn gamer will love the uncensored animations filled with big dicks. No one will fucking judge you because you will be playing this game anonymously. All you need is to create a free Nutakuand you are good to go. In any case, it is cockville 21st century, and haters can shove their ancient mindsets up their asses. Oh, you get free golds when you verify your .


You can check them out in your spam folder since these guys might be too sexy for your inbox. Cockville is undoubtedly going to take online gay gaming to the next level. The game cockville 12 unique guys to meet and fuck, and over products to manage and deliver. Regular updates Other games present you with average looking characters with bodies that are not proportional. Not CockVille, though. These folks are continually updating the game to ensure that the boys you are going to encounter are in tip-top condition. The updates make everything run smoothly, and the dudes have fat, un cut cocks, and jaws that are as chiseled as their abs.

They are basically every gay guy's dream, and you will almost be begging to receive their seed or deposit yours. They might as well make you mess your shorts a little before you even touch your cock. Just play the game and see how easily you can fulfill your homosexual desires with only a few clicks.

Even better, things get steamy pretty quick, and before you know it, you will be engaging in hot sex scenes across the farm like the fucking boss you are. The gameplay There are lo of levels to unlock at different parts of the game, including a market place for your product, shop, hunky men and their photostrack orders, and train stations, among others. On the top right is a settings icon that allows you to play some soothing background music or sounds of chirping birds and all that shit you might expect to find on a farm.

The cockville are fantastic; the cockville layouts are fun to play, and the gay sex chat with your clients in super fun. The first guy I talked to was a potential client named Mike, a good looking, athletic black dude who was looking for a new supplier cockville fresh farm goods after falling out with his supplier.

I unlocked the second level after giving him some samples of the products. Level two allows you to purchase farm animals and also use animal feeds when the animals are hungry. The animals include chicken, pigs, cow, goats, and a beehive. Some of these will be unlocked on other levels. You can also de your farm by buying decorations and purchase product buildings and trees. There are so many levels to unlock it would take me the entire week to take you through each one.

For the novices, there is a pointing hand that directs you every step of the way, and playing the game cockville be a pretty straightforward affair.


With just a few clicks of the mouse, you will be able to unlock cockville levels, including the steamy gay sex scenes that await. CockVille on the move Those looking to have a little gay fun on the move will be pleased to discover that CockVille has a game app from Nutaku that you can download and enjoy this goodness on your smartphones and tablets.

The experience is mainly similar to the main version, and everything is in place to give you solid gay gaming experience. It is cockville noting that the game is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Polish, among others.

The team has seen to it that language is not going to cockville in your way to enjoying what is arguably one of the most exciting farming simulation game for gays. Whichever the case, there is plenty of fun to look forward to. Things to love about CockVille Free to play; this has to be the best aspect of the game. All you need is a free Nutakuand you are ready to go. Uncensored sex scenes; after progressing through the levels, you are looking at over steamy gay sex scenes that are completely uncensored.

Solid graphics; the game is availed in stunning graphics and fantastic farm layouts that make the game fun to play. Possible concerns Takes long to unlock sex scenes; gamers will have cockville progress through the levels to unlock the steamy sex scenes. The initial levels have things sexual to write home about. Plenty of clicking; users will have to make do with lo of clicking, especially in the conversations which can be a tad too monotonous. Final word Between the sexy dudes, lo of uncensored sex scenes, and beautiful graphics, CockVille has a lot to offer. The game is absolutely free to play and only requires a free Nutaku to get started.

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