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From its dark and brooding look with a triskele logo in the corner, you know it's kink-friendly. There is only the desktop version of the website, no app but it is easy to navigate on a plain black background and all the actions listed along the top bar.

A look inside BdsmDate. ing up is relatively simple, especially for me as a CIS woman, but you can only choose from male, female, couple and trans, which is quite restrictive. The only fetishes to choose from are bondage spanking, pissing, torture, fetish, fisting, and scat which I can only imagine are the most popular fetishes searched.

Unlike Fetish. Making it, in theory, easier to make a connection. Your main point of contact is via the search.

Use it to find people in your area or further away, you can select anything up to miles away into the same things as you. You can also choose people based on their height and weight which I find a little distasteful as people are far more than just their stats. However, having lots of questions to answer means your answers are far more specific on other sites. Although not the most scientific approach, I tried two searches, looking within a mile radius firstly for men into spanking and got responses.

The same search for women brought up only 39, which seems to indicate there are more men on the site than women by quite a large margin. An advantage here is that you can message a user without jumping through any hoops at all. From my perspective, there is no sense of community feel here. No live chat or forum to interact with others both can be found at Fetish. As a female submissive, I got a lot of messages from men from all across the country.

Most were relatively respectful, but a few were not. Click that, and the person is blocked. You also report them via the help and contact centre if the message was harassing. BdsmDate will to those kinksters who enjoy a more traditional dating format and is definitely tailored to the BDSM community but has its drawbacks. However, you are assured that everyone there is into BDSM too. This article was originally published on 28th January and was updated on 7th January Have you tried BdsmDate.

Do you agree with our review? Tell us in the comments below. Spanks for reading! Cover image released from Shutterstock. In serving our. Do you Kinkoo?

If you don't, should you? Kinky dating apps are all the rage but can you find someone who shares your interests on Kinkoo? In serving. Kinky dating apps are all the rage at the moment, but how easy is it to find kinksters to connect with on the KinkD app?

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Posted December 20, Bdsm date is full of scammers. thing to look for is the domme females that say they dont expect money. Thats the first give away.

If you do happen to reply to somenone and get a response to contact them on gmail then you will get one of a few different scripts. Either, book a dungeon to meet, buy some special equipment for your meetingor a long copied and pasted list of things you have to do including remove your profile fro the site.

I have reported lots of profiles and they never get removed. A lady told me that the site was sold this year and the new operators are shall we say less than straight forward. Posted November 20, Posted October 21, Posted July 16, Posted July 14, What kind of image comes to mind when thinking of a female Dominant? All latex, high heels and a whip? Well, out there in the wider world, many hold. form an integral part of sexual arousal, and how we dress can make all the difference.

So what makes clothes sexy, and why do we get dressed. From rubber and leather to corsets and latex, fashion and play a massive part in the fetish and BDSM scene. But where did it all begin? Our resident BDSM advice guru returns with some top tips for one FET member looking for ways to tell his partner about his kink for wearing women's. By 8lu3February 25 in Kink Academy. By LilkittyprincessNovember 15, in Online Munch.

English English Deutsch. How can you others into the same thing you are? But how many oates of a kinky kind can you arrange on the site? BdsmDate Visual Appeal Overwhelming?

BdsmDate Community Feel From my perspective, there is no sense of community feel here. Is BdsmDate Free to Use? BdsmDate Review Final Thoughts BdsmDate will appeal to those kinksters who enjoy a more traditional dating format and is definitely tailored to the BDSM community but has its drawbacks. Kinky Dating Site Reviews. December 30, October, October 5, September 8, the conversation You can post now and register later. Add a comment Share this comment Link to Share on other sites.

Guest guest Posted November 20, Seems the owner has died or something, as they never reply. Guest Posted October 21, The notifications are bogus, the profiles are fixed, the pictures are recycled. When I sent a negative comment to feedback comment, that was last notification, flirt, comment, or like The real red flag, my bank declined purchase when I tried to up When I called to give my ok, they told me it was for a London telemarketer.

All conversations stopped when I asked for real time pics, wonder why? Because, woman on pic wasn't one sending them Say your money. Guest Posted July 16, That's me out as well then. I got a different strategy tried on. It's gone from computer chat to- 'I need you to up to another website so we can fill you out a profile'. Well i've got a profile already, a free one, I dont need an additional paid one. What a load of shite.

Anyways fobbed her off for now with 'i need to hunt for my credit card and i cant pay by mobile because my phone is shit. She's getting back in touch at lunchtime. I'm gonna wind her or him, i could after all be talking to an obese, moo moo wearing sweatyballs up until penny drops. Guest Posted July, I am also on this site and had nothing but bad experiences.

You start talking to a woman that looks hot, and says they are looking for this or that. It's happened with 4 different women, I personally think that it's a fake website setup to scam innocent fools out if their money. Luckily I'm not a moron and I won't pay any money out until I know you are real. He up people ask for verification: a phone convo, a picture with a and date on, various options. I for 1 am done with it. BDSM Magazine. Tuesday at PM. February February 9. Similar discussions. What is it about your kinks that has you enjoy them? Hookups and friends with benefits are they good or bad?

Shamed Fetish kinks, help!

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