Brisbane girls 4chan

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Many people have recently become aware of the site 4chan, owing to the site being the platform for the recent massive leak of celebrity nude photos acquired from breaches of their s on iCloud servers. Night Shyamalan puns.

Brisbane girls 4chan

This allows them a certain leisure in expressing views which are, shall we say, less than orthodox. Buckle up, because today should be fun. One 4chan user helpfully provides the meaning of the phrase hereand the heart of the idea is brisbane girls 4chan follows: in offline life, people tend to respond to women in certain, positive ways simply because they are women, rather than because of anything else particularly noteworthy about them.

By contrast, the user implies that life on the internet is more of a meritocracy where gender should play no particular role in how people respond to you. Now this sentiment might strike some people as profoundly misogynistic, perhaps owing to the manner in which it is expressed. This perspective holds that women online — and offline, for that matter — are subject to disproportionate amounts of harassment simply because they are women, rather than owing to any kind of behavior they enact or things they say.

These two perspectives seem to be at substantial odds with one another with respect to one critical detail: do people like women for being women, or do people hate women for being women? To answer such a question one needs to begin with some kind of standard as for what counts as appropriate or inappropriate treatment.

Some posts on Jezebel.

Brisbane girls 4chan

Sure, the situations are a bit different: Jennifer had her privacy breached by people breaking into her onlinewhereas Hogan was covertly and unknowingly filmed. Maddox, over at The Best In The Universe, recently put out a new article and video outlining other instances of this kind of double stand with respect to comic book characters; a topic which I have touched on before myself with respect to both superheroes and Rolling Stone covers.

In the brisbane girls 4chan, Maddox shows, quite clearly, that Spiderman and Spiderwoman have been depicted in almost identical poses on the cover of comics, but the female version was apparently perceived to be overly sexualized and an embarrassment by some, despite the male version apparently never being noticed.

Now none of this is intended to generate some kind of competition over whether men or women, as groups, have it worse. Rather, the point of this analysis is to suggest that men and women, on the whole, tend to have it differently. There are relatively-unique adaptive problems that each sex has tended to face over our evolutionary history, and, as such, we should expect some differences in the psychological modules possessed by men and women.

Brisbane girls 4chan

This can cause something of a problem when it comes to discourse regarding whether, say, women are facing a disproportionate amount of harassment online, because what counts as harassment in the first place might be perceived differently; we are all swimming in seas of subjective perceptions that our minds create, rather than bringing them in from the outside world in some kind of objective fashion.

Masculine names received 3. However, men might receive that same sexual attention as pleasant and welcome. It is also likely that women will receive a lot more unsolicited sexual attention from men than men will from women, owing the minimum requisite biological costs to reproduction. This is a somewhat long-winded way of suggesting that men and women might, and likely do, tend to both perceive the world differently and expect to be treated in particular fashions.

If people expect some standard of treatment they are not receiving, they might come to perceive the treatment they get as being overly hostile, unwelcoming, or unfair even if they receive the same treatment as everyone else. One could imagine that the frequency and intensity of this abuse increases substantially as one becomes more publicly known or begins voicing controversial opinions widely like calling an entire subculture bigoted or not supporting dedicated servers for your FPS.

When it comes to women receiving harassment, for instance, we might expect that women receive particular types of abuse because women tend to be most bothered by it, but they do not receive brisbane girls 4chan because they are women.

However, when a different group is being targeted for harassment, the content of the harassment should be expected to shift accordingly. Judging from the subsequent self-inflicted injuries War Machine documented publicly, the attempt was pretty successful. However, just like the immediate point of many trolling comments is to upset others, rather than to make some honest statement, the reactions people have to brisbane girls 4chan harassment should be expected to be every bit as strategic as the trolls themselves, even if not consciously so. So, whether the internet is a place of general equality with respect to gender or hostility towards women depends, in no small part, on what kind of treatment people are expecting each gender to receive.

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Brisbane girls 4chan

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