Miami babe finder

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Miami babe finder

Size 8. Okay I'm going to start off based on what I read when everybody else review to this. You're talking to someone who has stand for over 15 years and tried products that were bottle all the way down to Hawaiian Tropic battles for 10 bucks a bottle now this is not a bronzer this is not a lotion this is not an oil does not contain SPF. Now that I got that out let me get everyone clear on what it is.

People who are hardcore Tanner's have use mineral oil when they're out in the sun you achieve a very good tan that way using mineral oil but that being said it is oil in that is the main ingredient in here is been a loyal then you add the nut oil on top of that and yes it's going to be Gracie read the front of the bottle those are the first two ingredients now do not use this in a tanning bed not only will you make the owner mad but you will ruin the beds and it is not meant for this.

This is miami babe finder for if you're hanging out on a boat or at a beach are by the pool. Do not put this on looking for some protection you're not going to get it this is for people who want to achieve a better tan from the glistening oils that are hitting off your skin from the Sun. Now this is where the coffee smell comes in the play the coffee extract is used as somewhat of a bronzer when you put it on it gives you streaks if you don't rub it in properly and it miami babe finder contains a low vitamin D vitamin A an antioxidant supposedly which will give it a healing effect if you do burn but then again don't use this product if you're prone to burning.

It even says recommended replying Maui babe SPF 30 before this. It's your facts straight before you bash a review or product I would recommend this to anybody who is already tan or should I say has a base tan do not go put this on your skin and go to the beach for 3 hours like the reviewer. I came across this at a major retail chain and having read such great reviews about it, I decided to purchase the product. I have a very difficult time tanning my skin; I don't burn, but I also don't tan unless I'm out in the sun for a very long time. Anything that can speed up the tanning process is a plus for me.

I read the instructions and decided that I would apply the lotion and then wash my car. I spent a good hour outside in full sun, and nothing. I'm also wondering why the need to include the potassium iodide? Some of the other tanning accelerators out on the market smell and work better, in my opinion. I actually spent several hours at the beach with Maui Babe on one leg and another tanning accelerator on the other, and the other leg tanned much better. Save your money. In my opinion, definitely not worth it.

I bought this to give my legs some color when I'm out in the sun. I like the dark color it gives, but unfortunately it is just so oily that I can't stand the feeling of having it on my skin for even 5 minutes. The smell is also strong and pretty bad, it reminds me of molasses, but not in a pleasant way.

With so many other products that have an amazing scent, there really isn't any reason it has to smell unpleasant. It will also rub off on anything miami babe finder rubs against your skin. This product gives you a great sun kiss look after the first use. I have been using this product for little over a year now and love it.

Only negative thing I have to say is, when you sweat the product gathers in your creases and leaves a "brown sweat spots" on my boat seats from my arms. It does transfer over to your towel but it washes out. I dont care if it's natural being darker than your natural shade its not natural wear sunscreen!!! I initially was so excited to try this one but then it was a wrong choice. It is very very greasy and never dries out, so I had to wipe that away.

And yes, miami babe finder smells weird too. The only good thing from this product is that the outcome was pretty good, nice tan. After applying this I couldn't tell if it smelled more like brown sugar or soy sauce. Once I hit the sun and started sweating I immediately felt like I literally rolled around in soy sauce. The color just went with my sweat and stained everything around me. Bought this because people were raving about it on tik tok. Gen z clearly has no idea what they're talking about this stuff is trash. Have been using it every time I am on the beach or by the pool- my arms don't tan.

I don't care about the smell, it does the job. We are all iodine deficient so an additional benefit. Iodine and coffee darken skin. Both are good for skin in right proportions and dosage. I was really wanting to love this, but it's just okay.

I don't really notice that it helps me get any tanner and it doesn't smell very good. Buy I do like that it's a lotion and it's easy to apply.

Miami babe finder

I have been using this stuff a LONG time. I found it in when I went on vacation to Maui. Back then it was only available in Hawaii! Since it has become available every else it has stayed just as amazing!

Miami babe finder

Easy to miami babe finder. I usually make sure I wash my hands after. Helps me get an even tan much faster than other products. I rated Maui babe as a one star because I had a major bumpy rash breakout on my arms and legs it itches and so far hasn't gone away it's been almost a week since I first used it. I used it with sunscreen that I have used before so I don't believe it was a sun rash I just wanted to have this out here as a warning that for some people it may cause a rash like mine.

I may just be having an allergic reaction to this but usually my skin isn't this sensitive to things especially tanners. This smells just like a Sugar Daddy from when I was a kid and feels like you smothered one all over your skin… it's calms down a little bit once it's put on but some people might not get past the smell because it is quite strong. It dried down a little for me within 10 min of putting it on.

I use Malibu Babe when tanning outside, too oily for my tanning bed. It's the absolute best lotion I've ever used. Great tan, fast and easy. Nice, natural color, a total must when tanning. Super excited, love my tan!

I have noticed miami babe finder change in color after using this and i have pretty fair skin. A few cons tho. The smell is awful and the lotion looks greasy on the skin. I love this product for sitting next to the pool and tanning. For the people saying that they burned while using this clearly did not read the part saying there was no spf. First off it doesn't dink into the skin it stays on top and is super greasy! I put this on 30 minutes before going out to tan and it was still wet and greasy. Never dries down, hard to rub in, also smells like marinade for meat.

Smells exactly like Dale's Seasoning. Smells like soy sauce. I returned this product. I do Not recommend. I use this product in the privacy of my home bc it does temporarily stain the fabric brown.

Miami babe finder

You only need a little, however, it does take a bit longer to rub in the lotion. Overall, this tanning lotion is worth using if you want a fast natural tan. I just personally wouldn't use miami babe finder at the beach or in a public area. I have been in horrifying pain the past 2 days from this.

This stuff tans you so fast and gives such a good color. It's the only lotion I use for tanning because it is truly the best. I don't really care about the smell because it washes off with water and I usually shower after my tan anyways. It's a small price to pay for a glorious tan. This stuff really works. I am weird and struggle with getting any color below the knee for some reason and when I put this on I had an even tan after an hour!

It has a really pretty color as well and gives you a natural tan when it's really the lotion.

Miami babe finder

It is a little tricky to apply and requires a lot of rubbing and will definitely come off if you're in the water. You'll need to wash your hands after due to the color but it comes off easily. The smell isn't too strong but I like it. This definitely pulled the sun into my skin and I'm so happy I purchased this. Find a Store. Gift Cards. In. Toggle Menu. Maui Babe. Browning Lotion. Details It accelerates the sun triggered tanning processes in your skin, eliminating long torturous hours cultivating your tan.

Amazing Maui Babe Browning Lotion is safe for all skin types - even the fairest and most sensitive. It can even be used with sunscreens, should you choose to do so. How to Use.

Miami babe finder

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